These major recognitions will not only be considered for their external importance towards customers, suppliers and other partners, but it will also be considered for their major internal value determined by the growth and development of all corporate divisions, even through sharing of goals and their progressive verification on the field. The company’s management focuses on the correct implementation of the principles set out by applicable regulations by involving the entire company’s staff even before obtaining the ISO certification. Therefore, the certification is just a confirmation of the current situation on the company’s mentality in terms of adopting good practices and managing everyday activities.

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In 2004 we obtained the quality system certification pursuant to standard ISO 9001:2000 (now 9001:2008) with Det Norske Veritas for the installation, start-up, maintenance and assistance of air conditioning systems, start-up services, maintenance and assistance of heating systems. Management and control of heating plants.
The certification was the result of the company’s efforts that has allowed us to be more consistent in the way of rendering our services, allowing us to make analysis and checks and contributing to the professional growth of our staff, as well as the improvement of relations with other companies, but mainly meet the needs of own customers who are the main focus of our business.


In 2013, the company certification was obtained according to EC Regulation No. 303/2008 with the prestigious entity Det Norske Veritas for the “installation, maintenance or repair of stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment containing certain fluorinated green house gases”, as well as the certification and registration to the Fluorinated National Gas “F-gas licence” of all qualified technicians who work in the air conditioning sector.

* Installation, maintenance or repair of stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment containing certain fluorinated green house gases, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EC) N. 303/2008).



In 2007 we obtained the SOA Certification Category OS28 Heating and Conditioning Systems, classification II, required for participation to Public Work Contracts up to a maximum amount of Euro 515,000.00.


We are registered with MEPA (Electronic Public Administration Market). Therefore, we can be invited to participate to tenders or we can offer catalogue services for direct orders for the call for tender of the Electronic Market “Thermo Hydraulic – Conduction and Maintenance of Thermo Hydraulic and Air Conditioning Systems – Systems Maintenance Services”.


La soddisfazione dei nostri clienti per noi è importante!

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