Heating and cooling

A good maintenance yields many benefits

Whether it is an air conditioning or heating system, a proper maintenance immediately ensures efficiency and savings. For this reason we work with businesses and guarantee them:

  • Continuity of their systems.
  • Usage proportioned to their actual needs
  • Energy savings and consumption control
  • Increased up-time of the system
  • Safety thanks to compliance of strict EU standards
  • Reduced extraordinary maintenance
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Advantages of Parma Clima

  • A complete Italian know-how
  • Constant search for innovation and performing solutions
  • Our technical and sales structure is stable and perfectly integrated in terms of consultancy support, logistics and operations with the foreign branch.
  • We rely on advanced technical instruments subject to regular calibrations to obtain a high level of COP (coefficient of performance)
  • We are careful to consider environmental impact and sustainability
  • Our quality standards are guaranteed by strict EU certifications

La soddisfazione dei nostri clienti per noi è importante!

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